Foot Fetish has a rich history, but we have the opportunity to move it ahead just now! Anybody can express himself/herself trough the Academy and decide how and where to move this most popular fetish in the world. One of the goals of this academy is not only to prepare the attendants for real courses or work in the clubs. The main thing is to expose hidden desires and fantasies of you - FOOT FETISH LOVERS. Just give it a try. It is absolutely FREE, there are no hidden charges!

How to become a student of Lady Triskele's Foot Academy?

It is very easy, just like 1...2...3...steps.

First you have to be a registered user - it takes you just a few seconds and it is FREE, of course!

Second - you just have to complete VERY SIMPLE entrance exam - there are only 3 questions but you have to answer ALL of them correct. You have unlimited time and you can cheat (what a great school, right?) - all the answers you can find on my website. Another bonus for you - you have as many attemps as you wish.

Third - After that you will become a regular student and you can start with completing the tasks.

Isnt't it simple?

How should I complete the tasks?

All the instructions you get in the video and/or in the attached text at each task. There you can also find the form, where you can write the text according the task.

You can write your answers in folowing languages:
  • English
  • Czech (česky)
  • Slovak (slovensky)
  • Polish (polski)
  • German (deutsch)

...and if I would have some questions or the task will not be clear to me?

Simple, again. Just ask can write a comment below the task, or you can write me a message or post to my Facebook or Google plus profile.

In every proper school you get a result after completing the task. What about Lady Triskele's Foot Academy?

Absolutely right! We are not an exception. For completing each task you will know how is your your teacher satisfied. You can gain up to 100 points - how much I was satisfied with completing in percent (1% - 100%). Additionally you can gain some more points for you activity - e.g. coments on my Facebook or Google plus profile, writing story/poem etc.

It sounds great, but what is the treshold for graduation?

Dont worry - there are 10 tasks and you have totally gain 1000 points. Of course nobody is perfect and you can get some points less in any task - then you have to be a fellow student and earn the points in other way - by your activity.

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