Please respond what you like on my websites or what could be done better. Thanks for your suggestions, advices, notifications and also criticism. I appreciate an each opinion. Your Maria.


aadam975's picture

Thank you Mistress Maria for this beautiful website it's a great chance to make your fans see you and know your updates.
Please Mistress Maria may you add some clips for you?
Your foot slave Adam.

enrico88's picture

Dear Maria Triskele,

Just looked at your website and all I can say is: Great website and stunning pictures.

Lovely greetings,
enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

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Dearest Mistress Maria Triskele, [kneeling]

i am so blessed to have found and enrolled in Your fabulous Foot Academy and i am grateful and praise You Your Female Supremacy and Your gorgeous feet toes and footwear, adoringly at your feet
footwimpcuck =jeffrey